Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Party (Part 1)

   So, I realized that I don't really talk much about the friends I have besides Kat. I think I briefly talked  about Camilla or Sareena, but no one else. I think I should change that. The way I'm going to do that is by talking about a party I went to last week for my good friend Shreya.
   I biked over to the party, as I only live a street away from hers. I would be sleeping over along with 4 other girls. One would come later, but the rest were already there, including my friend Renee, who would leave at 1:00 AM. Shreya was there of course, along with Camilla and two other girls named Mackenzie and Jessica. We exchanged gifts, ate cake, etc,
   We drove to the mall a little while later to go to 5 Wits, an interactive adventure-type place. There are three adventures you can do; Tomb, Deep Space, and Drago's Castle. We started off with Deep Space, where we were immediately put in a tiny room where we couldn't see the door. That was absolutely terrifying. But the room opened up soon after, so it was cool. We failed a couple of the challenges, such as dodging asteroids and fixing fuel rods, but we completed the main goal of keeping the AI from destroying humanity. Even though we got our lowest score of 88, it was definitely our favorite.
    We then did Drago's Castle, which I had done twice beforehand. I didn't take control or anything though. I actually forgot how to do most of the challenges due to my awful memory. We got to the second room, where the throne is supposed to move, revealing a tunnel where we would get to the last room. However, the party in front of us was taking way to long, so we had to wait. Once the tunnel was opened, I crawled in and hid in a corner to scare my claustrophobic friends. Shreya screamed so loud, I actually got scared. We finished with a score of 90, which was quite decent.
    The next one was Tomb, which my friends were terrified of. In the beginning, there was a projection of a zombie-like pharaoh telling us how to complete the challenges. While my friends cowered in fear, Camilla and I competed to see who could jump high enough to touch the projection. The next room was definitely the scariest, as the roof would drop whenever a wrong move was made. We got out of that soon, and we were able to finish the adventure with an amazing score of 98.
    We spent the next 40 minutes walking around the mall, getting smoothies, and looking at makeup that none of us could afford. Then, we picked up pizza and went home, where we spent the next 15 hours of the party. Of course, 15 hours would be way too much to write here, so I'll have to make a part 2! Yay, work for me to do tomorrow.