Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Another Sleepover With Kat (Part 2)

  Hello again! So a couple weeks ago I wrote about a sleepover I had with my best friend Kat. I never finished it, so that's what I'm doing right now! I'd also like to add that since then, I've had two other sleepovers. One with Kat, one with my friends Shreya, Camilla, and Savannah. Of course, Shreya didn't stay overnight. She had to leave for something at around 11:00. Well, anyway, this is the rest of the sleepover.
  Ok so after our little "argument" we went back upstairs with our hot chocolates. She had called her boyfriend, Harrison, so we talked with him for a while. We actually played the Oregon Trail card game right after we went upstairs, so my timeline was a bit messed up in the last post. Anyway, after Harrison hung up, we decided to watch some of those Try Not To Laugh videos. Needless to say we laughed. A lot. But only at a select few videos. Most of the Try Not To Laugh videos are about as funny as a rock on the sidewalk. Which I'm still up for writing about if anyone wants me too. 
  We fell asleep soon enough. It was actually kind of early when we did, but we were tired from all the exorcisms and hot chocolate. When we woke up, we ate breakfast. Yes I know such fun right. Well the best part is when we got some speakers and plugged them into my computer. So the only thing left to do was to blast 90's and early 2ooo's music throughout the house. It was fun. Sometimes we even play some of those songs at random times for fun (or to annoy the other person if you're Kat. Seriously she won't stop. Send help.)
  Now I'm going to end this here. It's not that I"m lazy and don't want to write about anything anymore. It's that I completely forgot what happened after that. My memory is works about as well as a mesh soup spoon. Wanted to say something else but my mother's probably reading this so... spoons. Well bye then.

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