Friday, April 28, 2017

The Rock On The Sidewalk

  Yes. It happened. I finally ran out of ideas. Spring break just finished (by just I mean about a week ago), But I really don't remember anything that happened. I had a couple more sleepovers with Kat and one with my friend Camilla, but that's about it. Now, this post isn't really what the title states. I'm not just going to describe a random rock I found on the road. That wouldn't be entertaining. Instead, I'm going to talk about those weird habits we all do without noticing, starting with the rock on the sidewalk.
  Have you ever just been walking home from school or just taking a walk or something and decide to just kick a rock around? No reason, just you see a rock and kick it. Then it flies off of your path and you're too lazy to go grab it so you just walk away? I do it all the time without even realizing. Most of the people I know do too. I like to believe I have some sort of mysterious urge to kick things, but my brain is like "No Emilia. Don't kick things," so it just pushes the urge back. So then I see a rock and my brain is like "Yo that's not alive so you can kick it," and then it allows the urge to come back so it can release all it's anger onto the rock. Or maybe it's just fun.
  Another totally random thing people do is click pens, which is oddly fun to do. I'm aware it's considered fidgeting and I'm guessing the rock is fidgeting too, but isn't it just weird how we feel like we need to do things like that? Well anyway, clicking pens is fun. But once it's not you doing it, holy crow it's annoying. You're just focusing on the teacher, minding your own business, when you just hear click click click click behind you, and suddenly that calmness you were feeling turns into an uncontrollable urge to punch whoever's making that god awful noise. But then once it's you, you barely notice you're doing it at all. Strange.
  Here is one that not many people do, but I do a lot. And I mean a lot. So I'm just minding my own business again. Just mentally socked the pen-clicker in the face a couple times. I'm feeling good. And then I start unknowingly rubbing the side of the desk. Ok now hear me out. Pen-clicking and rock-kicking (hey that rhymes) are fun and all, but it just feels so good to rub a cool, smooth surface. Especially when it's been a really long day and your hands are hot and sweaty and you just slam your hands on the counter top. I thought it was just me for a while, but then I got a fidget cube in the mail, and there is a side specifically for that. So I'm not insane.
  So this was my rock post. Been joking about it for, what, two posts? But guess what I actually made one. And it was disappointing because I didn't actually go out and find a rock and describe it. Well I didn't want to do that because I'd run out of ideas three sentences in. Also my teachers probably wouldn't appreciate if I actually did that. But mostly the sentences thing. Well I'm running out of in-class blog time so I'm gonna have to wrap this up. Don't do drugs and stay in school, kids. Also don't cut down icicles bigger than your leg. I learned that the hard way.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Another Sleepover With Kat (Part 2)

  Hello again! So a couple weeks ago I wrote about a sleepover I had with my best friend Kat. I never finished it, so that's what I'm doing right now! I'd also like to add that since then, I've had two other sleepovers. One with Kat, one with my friends Shreya, Camilla, and Savannah. Of course, Shreya didn't stay overnight. She had to leave for something at around 11:00. Well, anyway, this is the rest of the sleepover.
  Ok so after our little "argument" we went back upstairs with our hot chocolates. She had called her boyfriend, Harrison, so we talked with him for a while. We actually played the Oregon Trail card game right after we went upstairs, so my timeline was a bit messed up in the last post. Anyway, after Harrison hung up, we decided to watch some of those Try Not To Laugh videos. Needless to say we laughed. A lot. But only at a select few videos. Most of the Try Not To Laugh videos are about as funny as a rock on the sidewalk. Which I'm still up for writing about if anyone wants me too. 
  We fell asleep soon enough. It was actually kind of early when we did, but we were tired from all the exorcisms and hot chocolate. When we woke up, we ate breakfast. Yes I know such fun right. Well the best part is when we got some speakers and plugged them into my computer. So the only thing left to do was to blast 90's and early 2ooo's music throughout the house. It was fun. Sometimes we even play some of those songs at random times for fun (or to annoy the other person if you're Kat. Seriously she won't stop. Send help.)
  Now I'm going to end this here. It's not that I"m lazy and don't want to write about anything anymore. It's that I completely forgot what happened after that. My memory is works about as well as a mesh soup spoon. Wanted to say something else but my mother's probably reading this so... spoons. Well bye then.