Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Another Sleepover With Kat

  So you can tell by the title that I had another sleepover with Kat. I mean we're best friends so is it really that much of a surprise? We've actually had two or three since my last post about it, but that's besides the point. This one is about the most recent one. The one we had last Thursday.
  The two days before Thursday (which are Tuesday and Wednesday if you missed the two hundred days of kindergarten where we learned about the days of the week), we're snow days. We got, like, two feet of snow. It was basically a blizzard. There's still a ton of snow outside as I'm typing this actually. Well, anyway, the days before were snow days, which were fun for me but not for Kat as it was "her week". So she was already having a bad couple of days. The entire time she was just waiting for the day we would finally get together. She also had a really bad day on Thursday too but I'm certain she wouldn't like me to talk about it.
   So we got off the bus after school on Thursday. She had to go to Tae Kwon Do that day and I had to go to a chorus thing at Flight, so we went our separate ways. When I went home, I realized not many of my friends would be at Flight. I'm an extremely awkward person so I just stayed home, which meant Kat could come an hour early.
   We immediately searched for a horror movie to watch. We narrowed it down to Unfriended and Don't Breathe, Unfortunately we never got to watch either one due to a situation with the ghost in my house that wanders around the hallways. I'm not kidding. It's terrifying. My Grandma won't go in my room anymore because of it. Well anyway we ended up playing an Oregon Trail card game. I ended up dying ten minutes in and she didn't last very long after. We also went down to get hot chocolate and got into a little argument over a joke I had told her a week ago. Long story short she owes me $5.
   Okay it's pretty late right now and I just finished three full pages of writing so I'm just going to end this post here. I'll write a part two next week. It gives me a good topic so I don't have to write about a rock I saw on the pavement. Unless you want me to.

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