Friday, December 16, 2016

Impractical Jokers

 So this week I went to go see the Impractical Jokers at the Palace Theater. The Impractical Jokers (technically the Tenderloins) are a comedy group with a show on TruTV. I got my mom into the show around 8 months ago. Three months ago, she surprised me with tickets to see them. 
 There was a lot of traffic when we left, and most of it was from people going to see them too. We also had to park far away because, again, there were lots of other people there. Once we finally got in, my mom and I took our seats. We were both equally excited. The show finally started and we laughed the whole way through.
 On our way back, we got Moes. It's not that exciting but I needed a way to write to finish the post. I'm currently in bed writing this, eating my quesadillas. They are delicious. Goodbye.

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