Friday, October 14, 2016

The Sleepover (And The Day After)

               So I meant to blog about this sooner but some things came up and I couldn't really use the computer much. Anyway, the topic of this blog is the sleepover i had with my friend Camilla last weekend (10/7/16). First thing we did was make popcorn, which is just standard sleepover stuff, and light her fire. She has a wood-burning stove (I think that's what it's called) so we had to use a ton of matches and newspapers. I hadn't lit a match before, so this was pretty big on its own, but then we got obsessed with it. We ended up lighting at least 30 matches each. But we had to stop when her sister's match broke and almost lit my sock on fire. After that incident, we just decided to go to sleep. It was almost midnight and we were getting a bit tired anyway.
              In the morning, we decided to play some board games while Camilla's sister was sleeping. I went up to get something from my bag when I tripped and fell and her fireplace. I quickly discovered that it was still a bit hot and I burnt two of my fingers. It wasn't bad though, so I just ran some cold water over them and covered them with Band-Aids.
              Later, I was getting ready to leave when Camilla asked if I wanted to go roller skating with her. I said yes of course, but her sister didn't really want to go. After a lot of arguing, we finally decided that just Camilla and I would go. We got there and immediately I remembered that I can't skate at all. After a lot of falling and almost breaking my wrist, I got it. The rest of it was pretty fun, although I tripped again once and almost dislocated my shoulder.
              After roller skating we went over to my house. We had some pizza and played another board game, which was fun. I won. We wanted Camilla to sleep over that night too, but unfortunately she couldn't. She still stayed at my house a long time, so it was still fun.
             A few hours later, it was time for Camilla to go home. She got her things from around my house and left. I spent the rest of the night chasing around my sister and her friend.
            All in all, it was a fun 25 hours. I wish we had spent a little more time roller skating, but my siblings were starting to yell so we had to go. Well maybe another time. Goodbye

                                                                                                                          -Queen Em

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