Friday, October 21, 2016

When My Baby Brother Was Born

When I was in 5th grade, we had to do the ice bucket challenge for a showcase we had every Thursday instead of recess. I always hated it. We had to do the challenge in 30 degree weather. I was freezing.
My mom had come to pick me up because it was after school when we did it. She was pretty much super mom this summer. She had to take my brother to summer school, my sister to preschool camp, and my cousins and I to our summer camp in very hot weather while pregnant. That day, she told me that the baby was going to be born on Wednesday (it was Monday at the time). She also told my dad that my brother would be born on Tuesday so my dad wouldn’t be late. I was so excited! We already knew that my new brother’s name would be Owen. We called him that for months.
When Wednesday finally came, I was really impatient. My mom had left at 6:00, so we didn’t get to see her that morning. I kept texting her all day to see if Owen was born yet. It got to the point where my teacher had to take my phone away.
When I got home from school that day, I just gave up. I did my homework, no baby. I played on my IPad, still no baby. I fell asleep, STILL NO BABY.
Then, at last, my dad woke me up at midnight and showed me a picture of Owen. I was so excited! It was kinda hard to believe I had a new baby brother. My little sister Abby seemed excited to finally be a big sister, and my little brother Alex was excited to have a brother.
The days went by and were all pretty normal. We could only see pictures of Owen because they didn’t allow kids under eighteen to visit at the hospital because of a disease that I can’t remember the name of or what it does. It was apparently pretty bad. Anyway, three days after Owen was born, my dad picked Alex and I up from school to see him. He was so cute! But he cried ALL THE TIME.

That was all about 2 years ago. Owen is two and is starting to finally speak full sentences. He is still cute. Maybe even cuter.

-Queen Em

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Sleepover (And The Day After)

               So I meant to blog about this sooner but some things came up and I couldn't really use the computer much. Anyway, the topic of this blog is the sleepover i had with my friend Camilla last weekend (10/7/16). First thing we did was make popcorn, which is just standard sleepover stuff, and light her fire. She has a wood-burning stove (I think that's what it's called) so we had to use a ton of matches and newspapers. I hadn't lit a match before, so this was pretty big on its own, but then we got obsessed with it. We ended up lighting at least 30 matches each. But we had to stop when her sister's match broke and almost lit my sock on fire. After that incident, we just decided to go to sleep. It was almost midnight and we were getting a bit tired anyway.
              In the morning, we decided to play some board games while Camilla's sister was sleeping. I went up to get something from my bag when I tripped and fell and her fireplace. I quickly discovered that it was still a bit hot and I burnt two of my fingers. It wasn't bad though, so I just ran some cold water over them and covered them with Band-Aids.
              Later, I was getting ready to leave when Camilla asked if I wanted to go roller skating with her. I said yes of course, but her sister didn't really want to go. After a lot of arguing, we finally decided that just Camilla and I would go. We got there and immediately I remembered that I can't skate at all. After a lot of falling and almost breaking my wrist, I got it. The rest of it was pretty fun, although I tripped again once and almost dislocated my shoulder.
              After roller skating we went over to my house. We had some pizza and played another board game, which was fun. I won. We wanted Camilla to sleep over that night too, but unfortunately she couldn't. She still stayed at my house a long time, so it was still fun.
             A few hours later, it was time for Camilla to go home. She got her things from around my house and left. I spent the rest of the night chasing around my sister and her friend.
            All in all, it was a fun 25 hours. I wish we had spent a little more time roller skating, but my siblings were starting to yell so we had to go. Well maybe another time. Goodbye

                                                                                                                          -Queen Em

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Friday of Onions

       So I have an assignment in class and I have to write about last Friday, which is when our entire team picked onions, had an assembly, and then watched random videos for the rest of the day. So basically a lazy day. I already went over the main parts, so let me go into the details.
       The first thing we did was go to a farm-type thing and pick onions. We each had to have a partner so one person can pick the onions and the other can hold the bucket. I partnered up with my good friend Sareena. So we started out really badly. We only had a few tiny onions, whereas our other friends Shreya and Renee had huge ones. Sareena (who also has a blog called Queen Rene so go look at hers) and I went further down the onion patch or hill or whatever they're called until we found more. We proceeded to fill our bucket before pretty much everyone else and then receive high praise. Sareena and I were then told to go pick more, which was hard because there were about 40-50 other pairs of students and it wasn't a very big patch or hill or whatever. I stumbled upon a stray onion that hadn't grown much. It seemed to give us good luck because, after that, we found enough onions to feed a small village. I later took that same onion home and it is currently awaiting to be eaten.
        After that we had an assembly where we watched a video about not doing drugs and being a good person. It was funny in some parts, but only because movie clips played throughout the entire video. Most of it was just sad though. A lot of teenage death to things like cancer and flying over railroad tracks. There was also a girl who used to be a model or something but her face was deformed after she checked a text from her mother while on the road. Sad.
        After all of that, school was finally over. My friend's mom drove me home. My friend and her boyfriend were also in the car too, and we decided to get doughnuts at this place that basically screams fall this time of year. I went home and my brother immediately asked for a piece, although he's two so it was more like reaching for it while screaming MINE. 
        That is all I have to say about that day. I could put in links and pictures to get extra credit, but I don't know how to put in pictures and I have no links to put in. Just mentioning this to make sure my teachers didn't think I was just lazy. Also I got a view from France, which I think is pretty cool. Hopefully that will impress my teachers. Anyways, goodbye.

                                                                                                             -Queen Em